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Strategies for Core Subjects EC-6 and 4-8

Time is a factor with the Core Subjects EC-6 exam and the 4-8 Core Subjects exam.

The average amount of time per question on the exams above is approximately 1 minute per question.  For some sections it is a little longer and others a little less.

Any question you leave blank will be counted wrong.

In most cases the passing standard is just above 62%.

If a person is able to answer all of the questions they know the answer to in the provided time, many would pass that particular section of the exam.  A very common problem is spending too much time on questions at the beginning of a section and not having time to read and respond to the questions near the end of the exam.


As you read a question, think about how quickly you will be able to arrive at an answer.  If you can reason through the solution to the question in less than a minute, take the time to answer the question.  If you think the problem is going to take longer than a minute, make a quick best guess and mark the question which will enable you to quickly come back to the question once you have reached the end of the section with time left to spare.  This will allow you to read and respond to all questions before running out of time.  The idea is to get to and answer all of the questions you know the answer to.

Never leave an answer blank.

Some questions require more than one response.  Be sure to read the questions carefully.  If it asks you to choose 2 answer or to choose all that applies, make sure to read the answers and respond with the appropriate number of selections.


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