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Practice Test

What information should a person study when preparing for an exam? Should a person study all of the content to be tested?

Answer: A person should spend most of their study time on content they have not mastered as demonstrated by the results of a practice exam. Challenge a full-length practice test.

Review the competencies in which you missed the most questions. Focus on the part of the competency you need to study by reviewing a list of the content covered by the specific competency you are studying. You may not need to review all content within a competency.

  • Evaluate your test results to determine competencies to focus on. 

    Review Passing Standards for exam you are preparing for. Determine number of additional correct answers needed to pass.Look for competencies on the test results page that offer the most potential for gain. Focus preparation time on the identified competencies.

    Review the example below.

    Sample Score Report
    In the example above, 6 ELAR Competencies have been identified for focused review.  Utilize the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website and view the Preparation resources to zoom in on specific topics within a Competency that should be reviewed/studied.  See excerpt from the Core Subjects EC-6 Preparation Manual below.  Items for ELAR Competency 11 have been inserted below.
    Excerpt from the Core Subjects EC-6 Preparation Manual

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